My Best Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scale for general purpose measurements and mini-scale for precise measurements of smaller items

Kitchen scales for precise diet and recipe measurements Types of Kitchen Scales There are 2 main types of kitchen scales: General purpose scale measures in 1 gram increments measurement range of 1 gram up to several pounds used for measuring most items most commonly used scale Precision weight scale measures in 0.01 gram increments (some …

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My Best Manicure Kit

Manicure Set showing Green Bell Nail Clipper & Germanikure Nail File

Affordable, Eco-friendly, & High Quality Nail Grooming Manicure Must Have for Manicures In order to perform a basic manicure, you absolutely need: Nail clipper Nail filer My Past Experience with Low Quality Manicure Products In the past, I always used $0.99 nail clippers and basic emory board nail filers. Over time, I got frustrated with …

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My Best Shave Kit – Traditional Style

Shaving Kit showing Proraso Soaps, Viking Blade Badger Brush, Merkur Razor, Personna Blades, and Perfecto Razor+Brush Stand

Affordable, Eco-friendly, & High Quality Smooth Shave Benefits of Traditional Shaving First let’s start with the benefits of the traditional approach to shaving: Eco-friendly: Minimal plastic, minimal waste, most items are reusable and some are built to last a lifetime. Skin-friendly Best Shave: Razor sharp blades provide extremely close shave, minimal razor burn & less …

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