My Best Budget Friendly Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Benefits of Portable Bluetooth Speaker

My story starts with the music listening experience before I had a proper speaker, when I used just the phone speaker for music listening. As you can imagine, the volume and sound quality of stock phone speakers are quite low.

So I started to look for an upgrade that fit into my budget.

Luckily, I found this Mini Sonic Bluetooth Speaker with good reviews on sale for about $20 at the time of writing. Nowadays I can only find the larger model which is about 50$

The sound quality was order of magnitude better than just my phone speakers, and for 20$ it was certainly worth every dollar.

Keep in mind this is a very basic speaker and may not serve the needs of the most demanding audiophiles, but for the general audience it should be more than sufficient.

Some speakers to consider

You can find the Insignia Speaker here:

Some other portable waterproof bluetooth speakers to consider (note that I have not personally tried these and is based on researching reviews.)