My Best Manicure Kit

Affordable, Eco-friendly, & High Quality Nail Grooming Manicure

Must Have for Manicures

In order to perform a basic manicure, you absolutely need:

  • Nail clipper
  • Nail filer

My Past Experience with Low Quality Manicure Products

In the past, I always used $0.99 nail clippers and basic emory board nail filers.

Over time, I got frustrated with the nail clippers difficulty to cut my thick strong nails. The emory board nail filers also left my nails feeling rough with jagged edges and I had to use ‘polishing boards’ to get smooth finish.

Ultimately, I had enough with always having to buy emory boards, and the waste of money and waste polluting the planet was the final straw.

Keep in mind that shopping eco-friendly is often times way more affordable than repeatedly buying disposable goods.

My New Upgraded Experience

I wanted something that would provide an excellent manicure experience and result, and something that would last for many many years. Not just saving money over the long run, but reducing my environmental impact.

Remember the 3 Rs, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

I discovered the following items which I highly suggest

Green Bell Nail Clipper

Made in Japan, this nail clipper is well known for it’s durable sharp blades that cut even my thick strong nails with ease.

It comes in many sizes and styles. I opted for the bigger model given my hands and nails are bigger than average and I also wanted to use it for toenails which are even more thicker and stronger.

Germanikure Glass Crystal Nail File

Made in Europe, this nail file is mind blowing. It filed my nails so smoothly and leaves an excellent finish. It also feels smooth while filing, compared to the rough vibrations of sand-paper like emory boards.

This also come in many sizes, colors, and even with varied slogans. I went with smaller option to fit neatly inside my manicure kit case. It also came with a luxurious leather pouch to protect the nail file.

Most shocking, the price was comparable to a pack of emory boards, so it’s certainly budget friendly and will pay for itself over time.

Germanikure also makes nail clippers and other nail grooming products, and they sell great kits. But I decided to mix & match brands given my budget and my research.

Lastly, Germanikure is committed to fair labor and eco-friendly business practice which you can learn more about here:

In Conclusion

Those 2 items alone would make the excellent start to any at-home manicure kit.